Preserving The Sanctity Of Your Synagogue


synagogue sanctuary design

All this talk of religion and spiritual matters can make your heart sing or soar. It can help to bring you closer to your Almighty, not so. And is it not nice to be having those conversations with local laymen and women who would love to be making a contribution towards preserving the sanctity of your synagogue, one of the most precious and holiest of all places on earth. There are those gentlemen who dutifully show up on time for Shul on the Sabbath. You can talk to them inspirationally on the things they can do to preserve your monumental community.

Perhaps it is not yet spring. Perhaps you are a young Rabbi still finding your feet in the wilderness of your vast country. Perhaps the Father has commissioned you to go forth and spread the Word. In the beginning, there was the Word. And one of the earliest things that God summoned His faithful followers to do was to resurrect His Temple, here on earth. You can do that too in your new town. Among those gentlemen willing to lend a hand are those with the talismanic, artisanal and artistic skills to help with a new synagogue sanctuary design.

While there are those rough-hewn gentlemen who will be resurrecting the building, these gentlemen, and there are ladies too, will be immersing themselves in the fine art. They, of course, will have to know and understand the religion in order to create and install the most appropriate artifacts. But of course, it is your temple to begin with. And you may already have a clear vision in mind on how you would like to sanctify your new temple. And then there are those gentlemen who can assist you with the books and the fund-raising.