Why go to an ESL camp?

For many people, going to a camp that specializes in English as a Second Language (ESL) is a great way to be around people who are just learning English. It’s great to have people who speak either the same or different primary languages come together to learn English.

ESL summer camps can be a great family activity for all ages, and several options are all available to help you choose the best one. Every single camp is focused on immersion, where English is used at all times, allowing students to understand and focus on key phrases in various situations.

ESL camps can be run by a school, college, private group, or even certain people who want to teach English. The activities of these camps vary by age, so camps for adults and college students mostly focus on listening and reading English.

However, camps for younger kids focus on sports, model building, history, and activities that rope in various lessons about reading and writing. Camps can also combine American students with international students, forming beneficial friendships along the way.

Other benefits of these camps allow children and adults to work on their cultural knowledge, interact with other people from a different culture, and even can help build important life skills such as what life in the U.S is like and how to prepare for college and tests such as the SAT and TOEFL.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend to send your children or yourself to a camp, as well as where you are located, will essentially impact where you can go. However, there will probably be a smaller camp in your area if you can’t get to an official camp.

ESL summer camps

But once you find one you like, then prepare to not only learn English but also have fun while doing it.